IoT Experts for Over 25 Years

Our mission is to leverage our deep experience in the technology space to help our clients succeed. We have helped launch many products in our 25+ years, and we are experts in streamlining product development, engineering processes, and new product introductions.  We utilize seasoned engineering professionals who are experts in their industry with practical experience from major companies such as Nokia, Kyocera Wireless, Amazon, and Qualcomm.

Our areas of expertise cover a range of industries and market segments, including:

  • The Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Cellular product development
  • Wireless product development, including Bluetooth, WiFi, LPWAN, and GNSS
  • Low Volume, High Reliability Product Development
  • High Volume Consumer Product Development
Below are some examples of engineering services we offer:
  • Establish or fine tune R&D processes to add visibility and predictability to your design organization
  • Help R&D interact efficiently within the company as a whole, particularly with product management, sales, and support
  • Establish sustaining engineering best practices to deal with field issues negatively effecting R&D schedules
  • End-to-End Technical Design Reviews - including schematic, pcb layout, certification, and end-to-end connectivity analysis

Here are some of our success stories. We have helped small and large companies succeed in a range of industries and markets. Below are some of the products we are most proud of...

Abbian Engineering helped Soberlink bring the first mobile breath alcohol monitoring solution to market., providing wireless design services (cellular and Bluetooth)  as well as manufacturing test design, setup, and ongoing quality support .

We helped DriveCam launch in-vehicle cameras to record risky driving events. These were among the first cellular IoT devices allowed on Sprint's CDMA network.

AquaSpy provides intelligent agriculture services using ground water sensors that send data through a solar powered, cellular telematics unit.

Now known as the Arlo line of home monitoring devices, we helped launch these products by providing firmware and RF development support.