Engineering Technologies, Product Development, and Product Reliability

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Dan is a seasoned technology leader with 30 years of experience developing consumer, enterprise, defense, and industrial products at the engineering and leadership levels.  He is an expert in developing products that serve low-volume, high reliability markets as well as high-volume commercial products. 

Leveraging a broad background in technology, Dan brings deep insight into product development, engineering technologies, and best practices.  At Amazon, Dan was responsible for the product definition and R&D for new products such as the Halo, Dash Smart Shelf, and Alexa Auto, and led key business transformation projects in multiple industries at Deloitte Digital for companies like Caterpillar and GE.   His startup experience includes leading product development and reliability activities at several market-making companies, including DriveCam (now Lytx) in the driver behavior modification market, and Soberlink with the first cloud-connected, FDA compliant mobile breathalyzer.  

Case Experience
  • 2022  |  Client: Soberlink  |  Law Firm: OneLLP  |  Subject Matter: child custody  |  Participation: testimony
  • 2015  |  Client: Soberlink  |  Law Firm: OneLLP  |  Subject Matter: class action suit  |  Participation: failure analysis report

Presentation and Analytical Skillset
  • Extremely effective in communicating complex technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders.
  • Effective and stable communicator in high pressure situations.
  • Collaborative by nature, can adapt as litigation plans change.
  • Able to reverse-engineer devices to assess reliability and potential methods of failure.

Product Development Expertise

  • Expert in failure mode analysis, root cause analysis, and product reliability analysis and best practices.
  • Expert in engineering research and development, manufacturing, and support.
  • Extensive depth in sensors, analog and digital design, firmware development, and wireless technologies.

Professional Highlights

Amazon Lab126 – Emerging Products Leadership
  • Responsible for identifying and qualifying new concepts that spin multiple flywheels across Amazon business units capable of generating $1B over 5 years.
  • Presented verbal and written analysis of new concepts and project status at the VP, SVP, and C-level.
  • Key member of the due diligence team for corporate investments and acquisitions.
Soberlink Healthcare – Mobile Breathalyzer Development
  • Responsible for all device R&D including hardware, firmware, and manufacturing engineering.
  • Represent the functional/technical aspects of the Soberlink breathalyzers during litigation as needed.
  • Achieved FDA 510K compliance in March 2016.
  • Established all R&D, production, and RMA processes for the company.

Education, Certifications, and Memberships

  • 1996 – University of CA Santa Cruz, Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, Comprehensive Honors
  • 2008 – University of CA San Diego, Technology Leadership and Management Certificate
  • Member of IEEE since 2018

  • Patents

  • US US9417232 B2, Sobriety Monitoring System, Issued Aug 16, 2016,
  • US WO2016094454 A1, Remote Sobriety Monitoring Systems, Devices, and Methods, Issued Jun 16, 2016
  • US-2017-0132883-A1, Bioresistive-Fingerprint Based Sobriety Monitoring System, Published May 11, 2017
  • U.S. Provisional Patent App. Serial No: 63/429,829, Sobriety Monitoring Systems and Features Related Thereto, Filed Feb 8, 2023