Experts in Wireless IoT for Over 25 Years

Our mission is to leverage our deep experience in the wireless IoT space to help our clients succeed.  We have helped launch many products in our 25+ years, and we are experts in utilizing best in class design for manufacturing techniques to ensure a streamlined, low cost, high yield product launch or re-spin.  We utilize seasoned engineering professionals who are experts in the industry - engineers who have developed products and led design teams for major companies such as Nokia, Kyocera Wireless, Amazon, and Qualcomm.

We ensure success by running each project, large or small, by the following guidelines:

  • Maintain regular, open, and honest communication of status
  • Develop a clear statement of work prior to any design effort
  • Avoid shortcuts, and design quality into the product from the start
  • Educate our clients on what it takes to design, deploy, and support a product to avoid surprises after launch

Services We Offer

  • Engineering Management Consulting - we can help establish or fine tune R&D processes in your organization, and help R&D interact efficiently within the company as a whole.
  • Cellular Product Development - designing a cellular device is complicated.  We can provide technical review, hardware/firmware/mechanical design, antenna development, and certification support for your product.
  • Design Reviews - we can look at your design and make recommendations that will improve performance and manufacturability.  This is particularly valuable for cellular products that have unique design requirements.
  • Design Services - we can support electrical, mechanical, firmware, and antenna design for your product.  We also know how to connect edge devices to the cloud.
  • Manufacturing Test and Flow - we can streamline manufacturing operations and design fixturing to optimize production.
  • Prototyping and Proof of Concept - we can cost effectively develop a prototype to get to that next stage of funding.