A wireless M2M blog? Really?


Abbian Engineering exists to help companies develop embedded products, particularly cellular M2M products, and get them to market quickly and efficiently.  We have been working in the cellular M2M space since 2003 when Kyocera almost released the first cellular telematics module.

Since then the number of embedded devices built around cellular technology has exploded and existing products are looking to go cellular.   The problem is that (surprise!) developing a cellular M2M product is really hard.  Let’s say you have the world’s best refrigerator design.  It’s energy efficient, weighs almost nothing, and it’s bigger on the inside than it is on the outside.  Now you want to make it cloud connected.  And mobile.  Maybe you have a PIC micro-controller running the display on your fridge already.  Maybe you even put in a BTLE module and have an iOS app that let’s people see if the light really does turn off when the door closes.  Adding a cellular modem shouldn’t be too hard – it’s just another wireless module, right?

Wrong!  That’s why we are here!

This blog is a place where we can post some lessons learned and comment on M2M development.  Hopefully we can shed some light on why something that seems so easy really isn’t, or vice-versa.

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